"Frankenstein", an artwork made from melted scrap metal.


Painted, handmade umbrellas

As the national religion of Thailand is Buddhism, a lot of their art is influenced greatly by it. There are many paintings of Buddha and Buddhism in temples. There are also bronze Buddha statues. There are many oil paintings, similar to western culture, and artists, mostly abstract.

A key feature of Thai art is weaving. Many will pay high prices for a silk carpet, or bed sheet. Silk artworks are decorated with patterns and beads.

A new, modern type of Thai art is metal art. Old recycled metal is melted into abstract shapes, creatures, warriors or emotions. The results look very impressive.

The most famous type of art in Thailand is umbrella art. Designs are painted on umbrellas, that vary from huge beach umbrellas to small parasols. Designs are often of pleasant things such as nature, the seaons, etc.